Trinity Stone Point 173g Crystal Inclusions.

Trinity Stone Point 173g

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Trinity Stone Point 173g - Kyanite, Garnet and Fuchsite - 

It's like a lit up Christmas Tree; red and green with spots of blue and the mica flickering away.

Green fuchsite works on the heart chakra, has a very calming energy and is said to be good at controlling anger.  Fuchsite helps to change negative energy into positive and teaches self worth. It is good at alleviating emotional stress and helps us to look forward to the future with hope.  Fuchsite is said to help increase the healing properties and energy flow of other gemstones, and so aids the process.

Kyanite will not accumulate or retain negative energies or vibrations. The energy is unlimited in application, making it one of the best attunement stones. Kyanite aligns all chakras immediately and automatically with no conscious direction. If directed with the consciousness however, the energy can also open the chakras and align the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, ethereal, and astral bodies. It brings tranquillity and a calming effect to the whole being, with particular focus on the third eye and throat chakras.  Kyanite can aid and stimulate communication and psychic awareness on all levels. It also helps to dispels anger and frustration. Kyanite provides for balancing of the yin-yang energies, dispels energy blockages and facilitates meditations.

Garnet is a stone that revitalises, purifies and balances energy.  It is said to be able to warn off approaching danger. Garnet is a powerful stone which energises and regenerates, it helps the chakras also by cleansing and aligning.  It inspires love and devotion, balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony. 

Garnet is also a useful stone to have in a crisis, it is particularly good in situations where there seems no way out or where life is fragmented or traumatic.  It strengthens and activates the survival instinct, bringing in courage and hope into seemingly hopeless situations.

173 grams 100mm x 34mm x 29mm

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