Tiffany Stone Sphere 105g Crystal Inclusions.

Tiffany Stone Sphere 105g

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Tiffany Stone Sphere 105g -

The strong and the sweet vibration of Tiffany Stone heals a wounded heart and  emotional trauma. It permits the soul to move ahead in life. The purple vibes of Tiffany Stone let the soul experience charismatic lives.

Tiffany Stone is a powerful stone to resonate the heart chakra of the body. It activates the heart and the higher body chakra. It connects the solar plexus of the body to the inner and the outer soul of the world. The Purple hue of the stone balances the Yin and Yang energy. In an ancient time, Tiffany Stone helps in the astral travelling.

Tiffany Stone is known as a Stone of Passion. This stone will connect you to the higher heart, thymus, and heart chakras and fill you with a pure and powerful sensation of love.

It will bring you beautiful and loving feelings. It will amplify all that’s good in your relationship, and it will help you address or get rid of the things that ail your relationship.

A variety of names are used to refer to this stone, including Purple Bertrandite, Opal Fluorite, Purple Passion, Purple Opal, Beryllium Ore, Bertrandite and Tiffany Jasper.


Small Sphere Stand recommended to be purchased

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