Shungite Sphere 290g Crystal Inclusions.

Shungite Sphere 290g

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Shungite Sphere 290g - 

Shungite is a high vibrational stone, most know for it's ability to protect you from harmful EMF radiation given off by electrical equipment, including computers, mobile phones, microwaves and televisions. It also reportedly, has an action that heals those who have developed a sensitivity to man-made electrical devices.

Spiritually, Shungite is known as the ‘Neutralizer’. Equally balancing the left and right sides of your body, or yin and yang. Thus, it’s the stone for those who wish to feel more balance in their masculine and feminine energies, in case one is overcompensating for the other.

Shungite is a gemstone that has properties to actualise your image. It can catch ideas from the heaven and make it real on earth. This gemstone is used to make intangible things to tangible things. You would be able to release very unique idea that nobody has done yet.

60 mm

Medium Sphere Stand is recommended to purchase with this item

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