Rose Quartz Sphere - Crystal Inclusions

Rose Quartz Sphere 915g

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Star Rose Quartz Sphere 915g

This Star Rose Quartz Sphere is a deep pink colour and has rainbows scattered throughout and of course the all important star.

Star Rose Quartz is very high quality rose quartz that has minute rutile inclusions causing the appearance of a star of light with 4 or 6 rays. This only appears when the stone is polished in a spherical shape. The stars come out most dramatically in strong light such as the light of the sun.

Star Rose Quartz, or asterated rose quartz, helps one to focus on unconditional love and radiate divine love into the world. It supports one to give and receive love in all forms, always and in all ways. It also enhances one’s ability to see oneself and others in the highest light, and to be protected in the divine light of love.

915 grams 88mm

Supplied with sphere stand as shown.

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