Rhodonite Palm Stone 136g Crystal Inclusions.

Rhodonite Palm Stone 136g

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Rhodonite Palm Stone 136g - 

Rhodonite is a wonderful stone for processing emotional pain. It will give you the strength to critically examine the situation you are facing, making it possible for you to understand what is troubling you so much about it, and then deal with those issues head-on.

Rhodonite can also help you to achieve balance and harmony within your life, especially in developing a balance between your social/external and spiritual/internal lives. 

Rhodonite can help you come to clearer conclusions about who and what you want to be in your life. This may include your career path, and what choices you want to make in your relationship. It will give you clarity and confidence in making these decisions, and prevent you from getting bogged down by hesitation. 

It also gives you the confidence the remove negative people and forces from your life.

56mm x 49mm x 30mm

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