Rainbow Banded Calcite Sphere 42mm Crystal Inclusions.

Rainbow Banded Calcite Sphere 42mm

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Rainbow Banded Calcite Sphere 42mm

Rainbow Banded Calcite, also known as Inca or Aztec Calcite (even Pork Stone, due to it's resemblance to a slice of raw meat). They are wonderful healing crystals for you to make part of your life as they are strong energy amplifiers. By simply holding one in your hand, you can create an amazing flow of energy through your body.

Rainbow Banded Calcite brings harmony into your life, and helps you to release negativity. This can be used at all chakras to heal, to open, cleanse and release any discordant energy that may be present. They bring a loving gift from spirit that is visible each time you look at the rainbow (pattern) within the crystal. They help to clear negative energy and bring an increase in the good vibrations present.

Each sphere measures approximately 42mm

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