Quantum Quattro Point 70gb

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Quantum Quattro Point 70g - with Copper - 

Quantum Quattro is a rare and unique stone, as it is composed of five different crystals and minerals.

Shattuckite which balances the body by releasing stuck energy, mainly from past life trauma.

Chrysocolla, providing calm and tranquillity, acceptance and strength.

Smoky Quartz, calms, grounds, and protects.

Dioptaise aids to clear all chakras, heals physical and emotional bodies, most especially the Heart.

Malachite being deeply healing, assists in releasing old habits, traumas, and thought patterns.

This very powerful combination helps to release blockages and patterns, enabling you to heal on a cellular level. When our non-physical energy bodies are blocked and not cleared, these blockages can eventually manifest into physical pain and illness. Quantum Quattro assists in this clearing, which can also alleviate current physical pain caused from past trauma and grief.

71mm tall

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