Purple Mica Specimen 410g

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Purple Mica Specimen 410g

Purple Mica, otherwise known as Lepidolite, is a calming stone, suitable for relieving the stresses of everyday living. Purple Mica soothes anger, hatred and other negative emotions. 

Due to its calming effects and its vivid purple colour, lepidolite can be used in rituals or carried with you to promote spirituality. Lepidolite attracts good luck in all things. It is a protective stone that drives away negativity. To promote a restful sleep, place some lepidolite near your pillow or on your bed side table. This can also help to free you of nightmares.

Lepidolite carries the vibration of lithium, which is used medically to balance the emotions and limit or eliminate mood swings. While holding a piece of Lepidolite, open your heart to love, feel the nurturing vibration and restore balance in your life. 

Lepidolite encourages a healthy, detached outlook on situations. This is good to hold on to when you are feeling mentally unstable or vulnerable. It helps you tap into another level of understanding and to see things from a greater perspective. 

410 grams 110mm x 76mm x 40mm

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