Pink Aura Quartz Point 43g Crystal Inclusions.

Pink Aura Quartz Point 43g

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Pink Aura Quartz Point 43g

Pink Aura Quartz permeates our whole body with love and bestows us with unconditional love. It allows us to become aware of and to receive the love energies of the higher realms.  Pink Aura Quartz uplifts our mood, dissolves anger and brings a serene and peaceful state. 

Spiritually, Pink Aura Quartz contains divine energies that facilitate contacts with the angelic realms and our spirit guides, attuning us to our spiritual purpose. The platinum in it actually enhances our connection with our angels and spirit guides and carries the energy patterns of human existence.

Pink Aura Quartz is also used for aura and chakra clearing. It aligns with and purifies our chakras, providing for the Rainbow Light Body activation and integration. It has a particularly strong association with our upper body chakras. 

44mm x 30mm x 24mm

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