Pietersite Slice 325g

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Pietersite Slice 325g

A visual mix of golds, blues, greys and browns in a breathtaking visually moving and changing, almost 3D display. 

Pietersite helps to provide order and calm amid the worst of life’s storms. It is a stone of cleansing, one that brings balance to the body’s spiritual aura. Behind every challenge that life presents there is a place of victory. Pietersite encourages you to seek out the eye of the storm and establish control over your life.

Pietersite symbolizes empowerment. It is a reminder that you can achieve whatever you wish when you are willing to work hard.

The strongest property of Pietersite is divine energy. This stone is intimately connected to the spiritual energy of the divine realms. Pietersite is used by many healers and psychics to enhance their natural gifts. It helps to open up a channel to the spirit world, and it also prevents fatigue as a result of energy work.

325 grams 170mm x 71mm x 19mm


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