Petrified Wood Slice 915g

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Petrified Wood Slice 915g

Petrified wood carries a vast sense of time and the wisdom that comes along with it. As an everyday stone, it’s great to pick up when you need to be more grounded and steady. For more in-depth work, petrified wood can be used to heal family patterns rooted in the past.

These stones are connected to both the base chakra (grounding) and the third eye chakra (insight, awareness, & awakening). This gives petrified wood its ability to help you translate spiritual insight and awareness into real change in your physical life.

Petrified wood is intimately connected with transformation, evolution, and staying the course. When you feel “uprooted” due to a transition or rapid transformation, petrified wood can help you regain a sense of stability from the inside out. It can also help with overall physical stamina and perseverance if the change you are experiencing is stressful or overwhelming. 

Petrified Wood enhances patience and acceptance and helps with anxiety and stress by grounding the energies and can also assist you to make positive changes within your life. Petrified wood has a nurturing and healing energy that makes it a wonderful stone for base chakra work. Imbalances in the base chakra can lead to feeling spaced out, disconnected, and feeling insecure around safety and basic needs. Petrified wood provides a sense of being calm and centred while helping you to resolve the underlying imbalance.

This stone helps you feel embodied and present in your life, while reconnecting with your basic instincts and the deep parts of your soul that you may have lost touch with. It makes an excellent companion for ancestor work.

A Petrified Wood Slice perfect to use as a plate on your table. Display your crystals, use to place your drinks or foods to help energise them. The colours through this plate includes greens, brown, grey and white. Extremely grounding through it's connection to nature, petrified wood helps heal the physical and emotional bodies.

915 grams 240mm x 125mm x 17mm

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