Ocean Jasper Sphere 530gb Crystal Inclusions.

Ocean Jasper Sphere 530gb

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Ocean Jasper Sphere 530gb

This Ocean Jasper Sphere takes on shades of green and blue from the ocean, pink and orange from the earth, blue and white from the heavens above.  For healing work this will help the heart chakra, throat chakra, solar plexus, and base. The white can be associated with the crown chakra. This is a multi-faceted healing tool.  Take your own personal journey deep inside the patterns of this amazing and unique crystal.

Ocean Jasper alleviates stress and induces tranquillity. Its cleansing effect eliminates negative energy and stabilises the aura. A polished sphere or egg of Ocean Jasper is particularly conducive for meditation, and is greatly enhanced by soft silver candlelight or moonlight.

Ocean Jasper brings to the surface long-hidden and unresolved emotional issues and uses its gentle nurturing energies to bring healing. It encourages being honest with oneself when confronting problems and accepting responsibility for one’s actions. Over time it inspires patience, self-love and empathy for others, and creates a more hopeful attitude toward the future.


Large Sphere Stand is recommended to be purchased for this item

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