Ocean Jasper Mushroom 161g

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Ocean Jasper Mushroom 161g 

Allow the soothing water elements of Ocean Jasper in to your life to wash away life's stresses. This is a very calming stone, one that everyone should have in their life. The beauty of Ocean Jasper is that the colour ranges are so vast, this stone can help you with many areas of the Chakra.

Mushrooms can mean different things in different cultures -  long life, happiness and rebirth. It is symbolic of the human soul, symbolises knowledge and enlightenment.  Western myths show fairies and elves sitting on mushrooms and toadstools.

In literature, a mushroom is considered to be a symbol of immorality and eccentricity. As the mushroom lacks leaves and flowers, but still resembles a plant, it is also considered to be a symbol of peculiarity or strange things.

Which ever way you look at them, they are each as individual as you and I. How will you use your crystal mushrooms?

70mm tall

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