My Pocket Chakra Healing Crystal Inclusions.

My Pocket Chakra Healing

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My Pocket Chakra Healing - Anytime exercises to unblock, balance, and strengthen your chakras - Heidi E. Spear - 

"No matter how busy the ay gets, it's important to make time to check in with yourself. My Pocket Chakra Healing allows you to practice self-care while connecting your mind, body and spirit - in just minutes.

Inside, you'll learn to recognise when your chakras are out of balance, along with how to correct your energy so you may better connect with the wisdom, happiness and gratitude that ties you to the universe. Through more than fifty exercises, including yoga, meditation and aromatherapy, you'll bring awareness and equilibrium to your chakras - whether at home, at work, or on the go.

Follow your intuition and lead a life of peace, joy and love with My Pocket Chakra Healing."

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