Moss Agate Owl 535g

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Moss Agate Owl 535g - 

The owl has been used as a spiritual symbol since time long ago. In ancient Greece it is believed that the Owl protected the army as Owls are always watchful. The Egyptians believed the Owl protected the souls of the dead. In many older traditions, it is believed that the Owl was the companion or guardian of the soul, so that it would never get lost. There was also a belief among Native Americans that the Owl was the symbol of sacred knowledge. 

Everyone has a spirit animal which will offer you protection and lead you along your life path. If you identify with the Owl, this is your animal totem, or spirit animal. 

The Owl is a symbol of patience, focus and observation, helping you pay special attention to detail and focus on them. The Owl is also a sign of silence and wisdom. Teaching you that at times it is better to say nothing, rather than speaking without purpose. 

The Owl is a symbol of hidden knowledge and intuition - you can see things that others can not. You will see the spiritual being in each person. You will see through the human bodies and begin to see peoples fears and secrets - second sight.

If you let the Owl be your spirit guide your life will be based on truth and knowledge. There will be no deceits and lies anymore. You will be able to go through the darkness and you will feel safe. 

535 grams 110mm x 78mm x 57mm 

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