Morganite Tumbled Stones Crystal Inclusions.

Morganite Tumbled Stones

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Morganite Tumbled Stones

As a pink crystal Morganite has a connection with the heart chakra and with all things associated with love. This connection does not confine itself to the love within relationships,  it encompasses divine or angelic love, love of and for the planet and all living things upon it. It is an excellent stone to work with when dealing with emotional issues and will help you come to terms with pain deriving from past experiences.

Morganite can be used to help with heartache, grief and feelings of loss or betrayal. Sometimes, even the most devout follower of a certain faith will have moments of doubt. Morganaite can be useful in these situations enabling the participant to regain a sense of purpose and to rediscover the joy in life and love, both spiritual and physical.

You do not have to be suffering from trauma in order to enjoy the benefits of wearing or using Morganite in your life. This beautiful crystal engenders a sense of lightness and peace of mind. It can give you a comforting sense of connection with the living world as well as the Divine, and can enhance feelings of joy and exuberance in those who are already quite happy.

Each of these measures approximately 3cm long.

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