Lepidolite Pumpkin Crystal Inclusions.

Lepidolite Pumpkin

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Lepidolite Pumpkin

The pumpkin can symbolise many things, this will depend on culture and belief. The symbolic meaning of the pumpkin goes back centuries. There are meanings if you dream on pumpkins, they can be used to ward off evil spirits, they can be a symbol of changing seasons, the seeds can represent bringing souls to new born babies. 

Here is one that can be suited to all - The whole pumpkin represents the world we live in now, and is literally filled with blessings waiting to be granted. Each seed represents an opportunity available to you in this life, and with an average pumpkin having about 500 seeds you can literally count your blessings!

Blessings to all.

200 grams 55mm x 48mm

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