Lemon Citron Chrysoprase Tower

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Lemon Citron Chrysoprase Tower

Citron Chrysoprase has a sweet and happy vibration, which reminds us that life is good and meant to be enjoyed. It helps us to see the silver lining and make the best of difficult situations.  It activates our psychic gifts and increases our ability to receive and understand information sent to us. Citron Chrysoprase is a wonderful crystal ally to help us cultivate unconditional love and compassion, particularly at times when it is not easy to be empathetic. Citron Chrysoprase helps us to set our own ego and pride aside, and instead see the situation from other points of view and to realise where forgiveness and understanding can grow.

Citron Chrysoprase releases stress and helps us to find our emotional balance. It has a very hopeful vibration that promises us we can survive the hard times that we will find our way forward. It also teaches us how to be more tolerant and patient, both with other people as well as ourselves.

Both towers stand at 220mm in height.

Tower 1 - Picture 1 - Left forward in picture 795 grams

Tower 2 - Picture 2 - Right forward in picture 895 grams

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