Lazulite Palm Stone 104g Crystal Inclusions.

Lazulite Palm Stone 104g

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Lazulite Palm Stone 104g - 

"Stone of Heaven" An artwork of the night sky.

Lazulite controls your insight and helps you find the answers to life's questions. It provides peace, increases self-respect, maintains a balance in life, relieves tension and provides you with positive energy. Drawing in pure universal energy and stimulating intuition, promoting balance and cosmic alignment, lazulite induces profound states of bliss. 

Lazulite is ideal for men who find it hard to settle into a relationship or family life.

It also enhances self-respect and confidence.​ ​Lazulite is helpful in finding the causes of addiction, especially if they are related to the past life. It is also helpful in finding the solutions to basic and serious problems. ​It stops fears and doubts from emerging into the mind. It relieves a person from tensions in life and allows you discuss your fears with others. Lazulite helps a person see the reality of this life.

Lazulite is adept at revealing thought patterns. Lazulite assists you in becoming aware of your negative thoughts and can be a vital ally in shifting then to more positive pattern.

66mm x 44mm x 23mm

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