Lava Pyramid Crystal Inclusions.

Lava Pyramid

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Lava Pyramid - 50mm - 

These raw lava pyramids have been hand crafted in the most serene of surroundings. Being raw lava, you will feel that grounding, deep connection with Mother Nature. Lava provides protection from negative energies and helps to draw toxins from the body, both physically and mentally.  Lava helps with stress and indecision.

Lava is the stone of manifestation.

The pyramid shape has particular meaning as well. These are used to draw off negative energies and blockages, replacing them with more vibrant ones.

Combine the protective and positive energies of the lava, with the energies of the pyramid and I think that there should be a whole lot of happy dances happening.

These lava pyramids are also a great natural essential oil diffuser as well. Add a couple of drops of pure essential oil - no fragrance oils or cheap and nasty ones please, you will risk damaging the lava - then you will have an all natural essential oil diffuser.

50mm approx

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