Lava-Links Lava, Wood and Stone Adjustable Bracelets

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Lava-Links Lava, Wood and Stone Adjustable Bracelets - Whether you have small or large wrists these bracelets are sure to fit. With their adjustable knotted straps, these are easy to tighten to the desired length, stay tight all day and night, and are then so easy to loosen to remove when you want to take them off.

When you want to add you essential oils, put the bracelet in the palm of you hand, add a couple of drops of essential oil, and then roll the bracelet around in the oil to allow absorption.

These are high quality items, which are individually made with love and intent. They are not a mass produced item, so you will not find hundreds or thousands of the same item being sold. Each one is handmade and due to their individuality and handcrafting, there is only ever a small run number. If you want something the best idea is get in fast. Use Afterpay.

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