Labradorite Sphere 98g Crystal Inclusions.

Labradorite Sphere 98g

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Labradorite Sphere 98g - 

Labradorite is the dreamer’s stone, and its spiritual meaning centres around that. It is your portal to access higher realms of wisdom, connect with the divine, and uncover parts of your subconscious genetic makeup.

Labradorite is a crystal linked to our Third Eye and Crown Chakra, allowing us to connect with our higher selves and the divine. It is the perfect stone for bringing awareness to the connection between our physical 3D reality and the 5D astral world. 

Labradorite will act as your guide in your unique spiritual transformation, shedding new light and colour, and bring forth the manifestation of synchronicities and serendipities.

Labradorite is a stone of manifestation - it is a stone that will help you become the person that you are destined to be. Labradorite can also boost your psychic abilities and sharpen your intuition. You will possess a psychic knowing that will make you more confident about taking action, expressing what you feel, and following your inspiration. 

Its energies can give you a sense of purposefulness and they will help you develop new ideas or find joy and enthusiasm in what you are doing. Labradorite is also a stone of magic that can awaken your magical, mystical, or psychic abilities. It's vibrations can also give you protection against negative energies. 

It is the perfect stone to have on you when you want to both be energised and soothed. Labradorite can help relieve stress and anxiety. It will remove fears and insecurities from your system and replace them with something more positive and empowering. It is a good stone to have with you to protect you against misfortune.

42 mm

Small Sphere Stand is recommended to be purchased with this item

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