Green Opal Palm Stone 48g Crystal Inclusions.

Green Opal Palm Stone 48g

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Green Opal Palm Stone 48g

Green opal works in an amplifying way of your own self. It amplifies your potentials but also your defects so that you can identify them and leave them behind for their harmful effects. This stone is very powerful and is ready to show you a whole new world where you can project the best values ​​you have to give.

It is a stone that intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions. Green opal has a double function according to the user’s need, and it can act as an emotional stabiliser or, on the contrary, spread the energy. 

Green Opal also gives you a state of relaxation as if you were in a state of meditation. It gives you the information to solve problems in dreams and in the day also when your mind is dreaming. It allows you to stay alert and aware of your surroundings while stimulating understanding and promoting positive action.

The energy of the Green Opal makes you feel as if you were always under control and could put out everything you need to do in your life. It radiates optimism, enthusiasm, imagination, and good humour. If you get in touch with your energies you will get an invigorating effect.

It is a stone capable of illuminating and intensifying all aspects of the emotional body. In this way, it will help you identify and release old wounds, fears, and anger, as well as other patterns of negativity that harm you and everyone around you. In this way it is a stone that is capable of keeping relationships together; be that work, family or couples.

56mm x 36mm x 26mm

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