Green Moonstone Palm Stone 94g Crystal Inclusions.

Green Moonstone Palm Stone 94g

  • $21.00

Green Moonstone Palm Stone 94g - AA Grade - Blue Flash - 

Green moonstone has all of the properties of white moonstone, with an extra focus on balancing the emotions and fully opening up to the feminine within. Green moonstone has been called the stone of the Goddess, or Gaia, in other words, the stone of the feminine earth energy.

Green Moonstone is a very calming stone, easing away stress and overwhelmed feelings and anxiety. Helping you to just “go with the flow.” This stone is especially healing for the emotions, and its connection to the earth and moon together makes it a great stone for gardeners and farmers.

It helps to ground and stabilise the emotions, helps regulate a woman’s monthly cycle and helps ease cramping associated with the moon cycle.

55mm x 48mm x 28mm

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