Golden Rutile Smoky Quartz Tower 215g

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Golden Rutile Smoky Quartz Tower 215g

Delicate Golden Rutile needles criss cross through this Smoky Quartz tower. When the light shines down upon it and the rainbows appear, the needles can change to red, silver, if you are lucky enough even purple or blue.

Golden Rutile Quartz is a crystal that helps to integrate your different energy levels and will heighten the energy from other quartz crystals.  It can help to lighten dark moods and assist when you are feel down, bringing relief from your fears, phobias and stress and anxiety.

The needle inclusions add intensity and transmission power to the crystal.  It is a powerful healing and growth stone as it cleanses and energises, helps remove barriers that are blocking your spiritual growth and filters out negative energies.

215 grams 83mm x 60mm x 41mm

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