Danburite Specimen 59g

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Danburite Specimen 59g - 

Danburite means "dreams coming true".Danburite has been cherished as a blessed stone since ancient times. This gemstone has been said to access to your soul and make your dreams come true. It is effective if you want to pursue personal development. It is also used when you want to bring out your abilities and skills.

Danburite is a calming stone that centres you and assists you in speaking your mind without hurting others feelings. It enables you to speak your truth without retribution. Danburite encourages feelings of gratefulness, making it easier for you to receive help and and offer it in return with no strings attached.

Danburite lets you laugh at life even under the most difficult of circumstances. ​It is an excellent stone for those who need to release stress and worry. Danburite helps one release grief, fear, anxiety, resentment and anger. Danburite soothes the emotional body, bringing in a frequency of comfort and angelic rescue. It can help you release grief, intense fear and anxiety, resentment or anger. Danburite is a stone of harmony, marriage and beneficial relationships. This stone helps you maintain a cooperative attitude to create an atmosphere of happiness. This energy will help forge valuable friendships, love relationships and even a solid marriage.

59 grams 61mm x 37mm x 22mm

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