Cherry Creek Jasper Tower 530g Crystal Inclusions.

Cherry Creek Jasper Tower 530g

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Cherry Creek Jasper Tower 530g

Cherry Creek Jasper is believed by many to bring balance and relaxation, and like all Jasper, is a stone of protection and grounding. Cherry Creek Jasper is said to aide in increased relaxation, happiness and tranquillity, and it is believed to promote compassion, protection and self-discipline.

Cherry Creek Jasper is beneficial for electromagnetic and environmental pollution, radiation, stress, prolonged illness or hospitalisation, circulation and balancing the mineral content of the body. 

Known as the supreme nurturer, jasper provides support in times of stress or worry. It is an excellent stone for quick thinking, promoting organisational abilities and stimulating imagination for transforming ideas into action.

Cherry Creek Jasper displays an amazing range of colours. Scarlet combines the energy of the pure red ray and the exuberance and joy of the orange in a precious gift of nature. Scarlet is the colour of strength and vitality, both physical and spiritual. Cherry Creek Jasper usually contain a significant amount of scarlet energy, even if the surface has little scarlet present.

185mm x 48mm x 41mm

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