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Bowenite Tower 145g

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Bowenite Tower 145g

Bowenite is known, for one thing, as the Stone of the Warrior. It will protect you from people who wish you harm, hurt, or misfortune. It will also protect your family, your friends, and the person you love. Bowenite is a stone that has healing energies of protection from your enemies and other destructive forces. It will keep you safe from harm by creating a protective energy field around you. It’s an unusual but an excellent stone of protection that will protect you on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. 

Bowenite is a stone to bring success and abundance, it will strengthen relationships, encourages children to become more responsible and independent - and the list goes on. 

This stone will support you in your time of grief, and it will help you make sense of all that has happened. 

Bowenite is a form of Serpentine. It is also called Afghan Jade.

145 grams 90mm x 38mm x 30mm

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