Lava-Links Raw Lava Jewelry

Lava-Links Raw Lava Jewelry & 9.25 Silver Jewelry

Lava is the rock of creativity and manifestation. Lava provides you with a deep connection to Earth, the great mother. Well known for its grounding qualities and is wonderful for calming the emotions.

All of the stunning jewellery in this range has been artistically created by Delice Bravo. Credit and thanks go to her for all of the photos. Here are some words directly from Delice about her range of jewellery:

"Lava-Links Raw Lava has been hand crafted and shaped by one individual, my friend and craftsman, alone in a meditative state to create the sacred geometrical shapes with 9.25 quality Silver so you are assured of quality.

From the first crystal shape i was guided to create, i knew lava had the capacity to hold scent…. the crystal had been worked on over burning incense and stayed in the crystal for days.

RAW Lava holds the metaphysical qualities of this rock powerfully as there has been nothing unnatural added to it, unlike the beads which have been manufactured in factories and mixed with resins, wax & pigments to form the beaded shapes in all the colours now available in lava jewelry here on site in my EO Diffuser Jewelry and in my Wholesale Collections.

I'm lucky to work with the RAW and beaded lava to create high vibrational jewelry pieces for men, woman & children incorporating silver, gemstones & crystals to enhance the healing nature of the items sold herein.

Lava-Links is a well established Diffuser Jewelry brand known for its integrity and quality assurance practices and the first of its kind in Australia established in 2014.

They call me ‘The Lava Lady’ so reach out if you want to know more or become a Lava-Links Stockist.

delice bravo"