Crystal Inclusions

Crystal Inclusions (formerly Scents For Us) is your place to stop and shop for high grade, ethically sourced crystals, gemstones, sterling silver and stone jewellery. There are pieces to suit all ages, interest ranges and budgets. No one gets left out, everyone is INCLUDED when you visit Crystal Inclusions.

We are a family on a life journey. A journey of education, growth and finding a way to improve the health and well-being of not only it's immediate members, but those who enter and are joined be a common thread.

This common thread may not be the same for every person that we meet. For one person it may be the commonality of Autism, another mental illness, someone else it may be wanting to find way to support pain in a natural way.

These are all real life issues that have been a challenge to our family. Real life issues that many people chose to go down the path of pharma medications and medical treatment alone. Both medicine and natural therapies can work hand in hand. That is the path that this family has chosen to go down, not just one solely alone.

Within our lives and within the the products made available to our clientele, the utmost care and responsibility to taken to provide only the best possible quality.  Sourcing ethically is of importance. This means that all crystals and essential oils provided to purchase are not obtained through slave trade or low quality control where the earth and it's surroundings are damaged and not returned to a sustainable condition.

Many of the crystals are purchased from mines in areas where contracts are in place to maintain employment for men and families in low income areas around the world. This ensures ongoing funds for the family for food, shelter and other necessary requirements. 

It is also ensured, as much as humanly possible, that none of the crystals have been altered chemically, by heat or other means to change their characteristics. Some stones are treated to make them appear as other stones to bring a higher value, or to give a brighter colour. These are not natural and do not provide the natural healing attributes of the original stones.

I happily provide Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, oil blends, skin and hair care products, wellness products and cleaning products here for you. However, I do not limit myself to supplying to and for one oil company only. Everyone has a right to use which ever essential oil they chose, but please do your research first and carefully. Always use essential oils with caution and in the manner in which they are intended.

I am always happy to share information and experience with anyone wanting to know. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and if I can make a positive difference to one person's life, then my job is done.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: When it comes to obtaining and using quality essential oils and crystals, each person must do their own research, use common sense, exercise caution and do what is best for themselves and their family. Education is the key to becoming a skilled user of these gifts from Mother Earth. Any information contained relating to the uses of these items is only here as a guide and has not been evaluated by any governing body, therefore caution must be taken.

DISCLAIMER: Any content on these pages is provided as general information only and is not meant to diagnose, treat or heal any condition. For any medical advice please consult your medical professional. Always do your own research into the uses, benefits and possible side effects of any natural therapy.

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