Agate Enhydro 199g

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Agate Enhydro 199g - 

Enhydro Crystal is a Quartz or Agate stone that contains bubbles of water inside. These bubbles of water got trapped inside the crystal as it was growing. The most valuable Enhydro Crystals are those that have moving bubbles. An air pocket is present in the crystal, causing the water bubble to move up and down right within the pocket.

Agate Enhydro brings the perfect balance between the elements of Earth and Water. Through the power of Agate Enhydro's connection to water you learn endurance, strength, courage and the ability to overcome challenges in your life. Through the power of Agate Enhyrdo's connection to fire you learn passion, fury, emotion, destruction and construction, and rebirth.

Agate Enhydro's metaphysical powers show greatly in its ability to stimulate your imagination and help you to become a great problem solver. Agate Enhydro's cleansing properties allow it to resolve tension and stress in relationships.

There is a visible moving bubble in the middle of this large palm stone sized agate enhydro. 

80mm x 57mm x 31mm

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