Ametrine Sphere 39mm Crystal Inclusions.

Ametrine Sphere 39mm

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Ametrine Sphere 39mm

The meaning of Ametrine is inner strength. 

The Amethyst component of Ametrine is a stone of contentment, stability, spirituality, peace, and strength. Like Citrine, it protects whoever wears it from negativity. It also has a powerful soothing effect that will immediately put you at ease during challenging moments of your life.

It works to calm the mind and release the creative blockages so that your thoughts will be stimulated. Ametrine also affects the crown chakra so that symptoms of depression can be relieved. Ametrine will improve your emotions and enhance your level of creativity.

With the combination of physical citrine and cerebral amethyst, this stone brings together the physical and psychic worlds as no other stone can. Ametrine is one of the very few crystals that actually link a stone with a very physical, earthy/fiery energy with one that has a highly spiritual and intellectual energy.

Supplied with sphere stand

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