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Lava-Links + You + Essential Oils = ALCHEMY

 I proudly stock and boast about Lava-Links EOJ. From the first time I was introduced to Delice and her range of lava jewelry, I knew that there was something special and individual in each piece. At the time I did not know what it was, but as I became more heavily involved in promoting her and her range I learned more and more about the process behind what she does and what she truly stands for. 

I very proudly and loudly say that Lava-Links EOJ is made in fair trade for the good of all. These are not mass produced pieces made in a factory somewhere. These are individually crafted, designed and handmade. There are limited numbers made of each design. These items do not pass through the hands of countless people before they reach their intended wearer. They are purified, ready to be made into the piece that will one day soon be proudly on display around the wrist or hand of someone you may know.

Read some words from Delice below.

Lava-Links EOJ, Essential Oil Jewelry have been created to share the love of our Great Mother, Earth. Lava-Links volcanic lava jewelry and essential oils, (the essence of the earth which have the highest vibrational frequency of any living thing on the planet), combine to create a ritualistic loop to assist you to raise your frequency and improve your life.

All lava beads used to create Lava-Links Essential Oil Jewelry have been bathed in the Holy Spring Waters of Tirta Empul - Purification Centre of the Earth, located on the magical Island of Bali, Indonesia, with a ritualistic ceremony to set pure intent and the charge the metaphysical properties contained within.

For many this energy will be tangible, for others a nice warm feeling will occur. All who choose to wear Lava-Links EOJ will benefit with or without use of essential oils.

Properties of Lava: Protect from negative energies. Helps to dissolve anger, supports and anchors us through times of change. Draws toxins from the cells to be eliminated by the body. Encourages us to create our reality by grounding and balancing our vibrational frequency so we can be more of who we are, CONNECTED to out knowing, to ourselves and to each other. WE ARE ONE!

Select a Piece of Lava-Links EOJ and place in the palm of your hand. Add a drop or two of EO, rub into the lava, seed and wood beads and you have created your own scented jewelry. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. Lava is the rock of manifestation. Create a mantra during this ritual to lock in your intention and send a clear message to yourself and the universe of that your wish to achieve, attract into your life. This will also increase the energy, natural healing and supportive properties of the essential oils. Close your eyes and imagine a big warm hug from the EARTH.
xx Delice Bravo

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