Release the Roller Balls Before Use

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Release the Roller Balls Before Use 

You may be wondering what this is all about. But I do get queries about the roller balls on the roller bottles that I sell frequently. I have not got around to printing instructions to go out with each pack, so here they go.

These ball are actually locked in place and need to be released prior to use. Before any oil is passed along the ball, before you even put oils in the bottle, I strongly advise that you go through the following procedure:

  • Holding a roller ball fitting in your hand, press down on the ball.
  • Next start rolling the ball with your thumb. The ball should now start rolling freely.
  • If the ball is not free in all directions, press down again, until it is.

Please note, if oil is attempted to be passed through the roller, prior to release of the ball, it will not roll freely. These are high quality, leak proof balls and fittings. They are not designed to flow quickly.

Remember the saying "Less is Best" or "Less is More". That is why you should not be applying oils with  fast flowing roller balls. That and the fact that they are prone to leakage.

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